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The Funding and Development Agency
for The Arts in Northern Ireland

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We are the main advocate for the arts ​in Northern Ireland.

The Arts Council is the main advocate for the arts in Northern Ireland.

We present Government and other influential opinion formers with a strong case for supporting the arts, backed up by reliable research and evidence. We actively encourage public support by promoting the achievements of our artists and arts organisations in the media.

Our work is successful because of the excellence and commitment of our artists, arts organisations and venues. They are our best ambassadors.

We want to thank everyone for the tremendous support for the recent campaign which called for No More Cuts to the Arts.

  • Overall approximately 17,000 submissions of support were received from members of the general public 
  • Social media reached 7 million people and resulted in 30,000 + social interactions

Please continue to show your support for public funding for the arts in Northern Ireland.

We have produced a series of infographics to highlight the key facts & figures about the arts budget and the benefits investment in the arts can bring to the economy and society in Northern Ireland. Click on the images below to download. 

Arts Budget Northern Ireland Facts and Figures Arts and the Economy in Northern Ireland The Arts and Society in Northern Ireland

Evidence - Making a case for the arts [Click Here]
To help you to advocate on behalf of the arts, we’ve produced an Arts Advocacy Toolkit which is available to download below. 


Advocacy Toolkit
Response to Draft Programme for Government Framework 2016 - 2021