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Artist of the Month - Martin Wedge

Thursday 7th May 2015 at 9am

William - by Martin Wedge Image: William - by Martin Wedge

Martin Wedge is a local artist from Belfast who holds both a BA (Hons) and MA in Fine Art Painting awarded by the Art and Design Centre, Belfast. Martin draws inspiration from his paintings from medical archive material of numerous malformations of the head and neck

His paintings show dark and disturbing figures often with features enhanced and depicted to portray their uniqueness and unusualness with influence from Expressionism. Martin has been represented in various prestigious private and public collections. In 1996 he was awarded the PS1 International Studio Award in New York. He has also worked as a performance artist, performing in public works where he uses his own figure as an element of the artwork.

Martin Wedge paints using oil on canvas to capture portraits of intriguing individuals. ‘William’ is a painting of a man lost in despair, which emphasises every layer of skin and imperfection. The subject appears lost, dressed in a bold suit against a disturbing background, staring blankly into the distance.