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Building Peace through the Arts

Friday 24th May 2013 at 2pm

- Video: Building Peace through the Arts - Re-Imaging Communities 2013

By unlocking the creative potential of our local communities, artists have found new creative solutions to the issues of life experienced at neighbourhood level. 

Artists have been actively and visibly working at the heart of community life for decades, bringing people and communities together through participation in the arts. Building on the legacy of this work, in 2008 the Arts Council developed an arts-led community regeneration programme called ‘Re-imaging Communities’. The three-year, £3m programme placed artists into communities across Northern Ireland to help tackle the visible signs of sectarianism and racism and to build more welcoming environments for everyone to enjoy. ‘Re-imaging’ supported 155 projects and introduced a new dimension to the work of partners in the field of social and economic regeneration. A measure of its success is in the fact that the term, ‘Re-imaging’, has entered the lexicon of community regeneration across Northern Ireland.

In 2013 the Arts Council broadened the scope of the original programme with the introduction of a rural and cross-border refinement.  The new funding programme, ‘Building Peace through the Arts – Re-imaging Communities’ adds a further dimension to the ethos of a shared future for everyone, including the most marginalised of communities. With a renewed emphasis on cross- and inter-community work and a focus on young people and ethnic minority communities, ‘Building Peace’ promises to deliver some ground-breaking work and some great art over the next three years.