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Creative Industries Innovation Fund – transforming creative ideas into commercial success

Friday 24th May 2013 at 2pm

Video: Watch the short series of Creative Industries Innovation Fund films produced by Culture NI

Since opening in 2008 with an investment of £4.5m, the seed funding provided by the Creative Industries Innovation Fund has helped more than 195 businesses in Northern Ireland introduce new products to the market.

The Arts Council is encouraging local businesses to tap into the global economic shift towards the Creative Industries, with funds to help businesses transform their creative ideas into commercial success.

The Creative Industries Innovation Fund (CIIF), run by the Arts Council with funding from DCAL and supported by Northern Ireland Screen and Digital Circle, provides assistance to companies – including craft, design, software developers, publishing, film, and music organisations – at critical times in their business and product development. The seed funding encourages innovation and entrepreneurship, expands the knowledge base, plugs skills gaps, and helps emerging creative enterprises to expand their businesses and develop new markets, particularly global markets.