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Delvna Cunning - Artist of the Month, December 2021

Monday 6th December 2021 at 11am 0 Comments

Delvna Cunning is our Artist of the Month for December 2021

Delvna Cunning was born in 1996 and is a photography and lens based artist from Northern Ireland. In 2020 she completed her BA Hons in Photography with Video from Ulster University, where she discovered her interest in creating work on the topics of feminism and political issues. Her work brings topical issues to light in a thought provoking manor, her images push boundaries and encourage the audience to engage. Cunning's experiences with her recent works show that she is not afraid to approach topics and subjects that others may be intimidated by, and she uses her imagery as a way of fighting inequality.

‘Glimpse’ is part of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland collection. The piece is part of a series, entitled FLUIDITY, which was created during the artist’s final year of study at Ulster University. Throughout this body of work, Delvna explores and examines the concept of gender, challenging gender misrepresentation, stereotypical gender roles and identity. By photographing both male and female bodies, but hiding the face and the true identity of the individual, Delvna leaves the question of their gender hidden and left to the viewer’s interpretation. Through this work, Delvna endeavours to help people change their perspective on the identity of others, whilst allowing others to create an identity for themselves, an identity that allows them to develop their own sense of self.

Further information about Delvna and her work can be found at

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