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Webinar Q&A: Individuals Emergency Resilience Programme 2

Wednesday 23rd December 2020 at 1pm 0 Comments



Deadline for applications: Thursday 7th January 2021 at 4pm


You mentioned the award is not means tested?  Many artists have had to take other forms of employment. will this income be held against an applicant?

If the work is paid for in March, can it be completed after March? For example…If I want to apply for PR for a project in April, can I pay in March?
No. All expenditure must be delivered by end March 2021. You can prepare material for example (print brochures, flyers) before end March for April, or design online work which would occur after end March, for example, but all expenditure must be delivered by end March 2021.

How do we calculate how much we apply for? Is there a criteria or formula?
The amount you request will be determined by your awareness of your own needs; this would hopefully be supported by evidence of loss of earnings, and perhaps vouched for in your letter of reference. But the main basis will be your own calculation of need.

Is the referee to email you separately or on paper and scanned along with the application?
You should obtain the reference and, if necessary, scan it and upload it onto the system associated with your application. Remember to get some identifier on any email if you can – logo for example; and it must be signed. Electronic or scanned signature is acceptable. Check the Guidance and FAQs.

As a gigging musician can my reference be from a teacher instead of having to bother bar managers for a reference?
Yes. Anyone who can vouch for your activity/career in the sector can be a referee. There is an opportunity for such a person also to help evidence loss of earnings. But that is not a necessary part of the reference.

Audio visual technician needing to buy new kit to move from supporting  live events to streaming virtual events. would it help to enclose quotes for the new equipment? 
This would always help. You should also retain receipts. Our funds here can only be used to purchase new equipment, not reconditioned or second-hand.

Is the grant taxable income?
Yes. This is between you and HMRC.

Do you indicate on the application how the funding will support you or is that in a separate document that we upload along with the CV and Support letter from venue!?
There is a place on the form for you to describe the benefit of the award for you and your career.

Do you need to have submitted your final statement from the previous funding?

What if you have worked part-time in the acts sector?
You are eligible to apply for loss of earnings incurred in the arts/creative sector.

Can you use the same referee? Same reference as previous application?

Can I submit multiple references from different employers?
Yes, but it is preferable that one good reference be sufficient. There will be a very large number of people applying and documentation needs to be kept to the minimum necessary.

Can you confirm that this all has to refer to need up till 31st March? you wouldn’t count anything beyond it?
We can confirm this.

As a member of venue staff, can i apply for funding for retraining in other areas?

Just to confirm, typed signatures on this occasion will suffice.

Does any disability element in an award have to be spent before 31 March?
This will be managed on a case-by-case basis. Please give as much detail as you can on your request.

Do we need to provide evidence of ineligibility for government support. EG I haven’t been eligible for any government support, do we need to provide that?
No. You simply need to respond if you have or haven’t accessed such support.

Is it a CV AND a statement or one or other?
DO NOT FORGET to fill in the relevant box on the online form. Then, in addition, you must upload EITHER a CV OR a statement describing your career in the sector.  You must also provide a reference from someone who can vouch for your role in the sector.

Does the self employed income support scheme count as support?

If you haven’t been able to avail of any govt. or Arts Council funding thus far - is there a best area of the application to make this clear (assuming these individuals are prioritised if their application is applicable)
Yes. You will be asked on the online form to indicate if you have or haven’t received any such support.

Does the referee need to submit a written statement or is it just a matter of putting their name and contact details in the app?
There must be an actual letter of reference for your application to be eligible. You should obtain this and upload it with your application. Do not simply write ‘please see the following link’ or ask us to contact a referee.

Is HRMC made aware of who is successful and awarded funds?
We do make the names of those who receive public funding public on our website. We do not issue lists to third parties.

Should your contribution to the creative sector in NI be included in your CV or is separate?
DO NOT FORGET to fill in the relevant box on the online form. Then, in addition, you must upload EITHER a CV OR a statement describing your career in the sector. You must also provide a reference from someone who can vouch for your role in the sector.

I have had vocal issues and I’m awaiting investigative surgery, I had been having vocal lessons to help but I had to stop due to costs, can I apply for funding for this and if so can I backdate it as if the award is granted in Feb and must be completed by Mar 31st that would only be roughly a month worth of lessons.
Yes, such costs are eligible as they are directed at sustaining your career in the sector. Please make your needs clear in your applications, with as much detail as possible in this or similar instances.

The reference from an independent source to verify your practice - is a screenshot of an email reply sufficient?
Yes. But, as above, a signature is essential and please try to get an identifier (logo, for example) if you can.


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