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Wednesday 15th December 2021 at 2pm 32964 Comments

Please join in the Arts Council’s Welcome Back! Campaign which asks everyone in the run up to Christmas to Gift someone you love an Arts Experience #SpendLocal.

Below we have rounded up a selection of the many terrific arts and culture events on offer - the perfect gift for someone special!

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Out to Lunch Festival: The 17th edition of the Out To Lunch Festival returns from 8-30 January 2022 with a packed programme of music, comedy, talks and drama. Highlights includes singer-songwriters Ciara O’ Neill and Brigid O’Neill who will be launching new music at the Festival. Also on the line-up is classical contemporary pianist, Ruth McGinley, Norman Jay, Robin Ince, Lucy Porter plus much more. For the full programme and tickets visit


Cultúrlann McAdam Ó Fiaich: presents ‘An Exhibition of The Arts Council of Northern Ireland’. This incredible collection has been curated by Joanna Johnson of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland & Emma Berkery of Cultúrlann McAdam Ó Fiach to start their 2022 visual arts programme in Dánlann Dillon exploring themes of language, language rights, communication, equality and cultural rights. The collection will run through December and January, and it marks the close of our 30 years’ celebration. The collection will feature a comprehensive range of media, including painting, video, printmaking, sculpture, photography, and drawing, and will be on display in both The Dillon & Na Ballaí Bána galleries.

The artists exhibiting in the collection are: Sinead Bhreathnach-Cashell, Robert Ellis, Edith Fung, Ailbhe Greaney, Maria Jankowska, Shiro Masuyama, Carrie McKee, Kenny McKendry, Eddie Rafferty, Elvira Santamaria Torres, Anushiya Sundaralingam, Shaleen Temple, Ciaran Harper, Karishma Kusurkar and Kylie Chan. For further details visit

Craft NI:

Craft NI and the Association for Contemporary Jewellery & Silversmiths NI welcome you to The Gift – as Heirloom, a contemporary jewellery exhibition which promises to awe the viewer with a rich tapestry of techniques, materials and concepts, available to view until 24th December.

CRAFT NI is delighted to welcome ACJ NI to Craft NI Gallery for a second Christmas jewellery selling show. ACJNI will bring the most accomplished new work from nine of their members and associates who are practising contemporary jewellers in Northern Ireland. This year the selected makers will create neckpieces and earrings in response to the title of The Gift inspired by Lewis Hyde’s book of the same title.

Jewellery has a strong association with being gifted, usually as an act of love, devotion, or a memento to mark an occasion. It carries deep personal stories and powerful narratives that connect us through generations and time – an heirloom. The Gift is an exhibition that will represent the richness of approaches and a diversity of materials, skilfully combined to create meaningful stories about our culture and values. It is also an opportunity to see and purchase the work of our best contemporary designer makers brought together at the CRAFT NI Gallery.

Participating jewellers include Anne Earls Boylan, Jill Graham, Cameron & Breen, Clodagh Molloy, Lotus de Wit, Fiona Kerr, Camilla Prey, Eddie Doherty and Celine Traynor. Visit

JB Vallely: ‘Vallely at 80’ exhibition, available to vie now until 15th January 2022 at The Market Place Theatre, Armagh.

‘Vallely at 80’ is a major retrospective by international and award-winning artist JB Vallely. The artist will revisit drawings and oil paintings spanning almost 63 years as well as showcase new work completed during his 80th year.

This is Vallely’s most extensive solo exhibition since his major retrospective at the Market Place Gallery, in his birth city of Armagh in 2000. This exhibition includes his collection on display in the Archbishop’s Palace, Armagh that covers most of Vallely’ s life as a painter along with his collection of religious pieces on permanent display at Benburb Priory, dating from the early to mid-1960’s.

Valley’s subject matter depicts rural Irish themes, including its strong traditions of which he is passionate about on a personal level. Music, sport, mythology, history and culture feature predominantly in his paintings. He has produced a vast number of pieces over his career, exhibiting regularly at galleries in Belfast, Dublin, Derry and Armagh with additional exhibitions in Italy, Wexford, London, Scotland and Galway.

‘Vallely at 80’ can be viewed at three locations across Armagh, with new works and the artist’s private collection exhibited at the Market Place Gallery. Entry FREE.

Golden Thread Gallery: presents

Lighthouse 2016-2021: Donovan Wylie
27 Nov – 8 Jan 2022

Golden Thread Gallery is delighted to present an exhibition with photographer Donovan Wylie. The exhibition will explore Wylie’s Lighthouse series, 2016 – 2021. This photographic series explores the subject of borders in the wake of Brexit. The artist utilises the physical barrier of the sea to highlight our current borders and those we may have in a post-Brexit future such as the suggestion of a border between Northern Ireland and the UK.

The MAC: presents the following exhibitions:

Alfred Wallis: Artist and Mariner, 8 Dec – 27 Mar, presented in the Tall and Sunken Gallery.

Alfred Wallis
Artist & Mariner

Alfred Wallis (1855–1942) was a mariner and scrap merchant born in Devonport, Plymouth, who spent most of his life in Cornwall. He started painting around the age of seventy, with no formal training and little income. Despite these challenges, his artistic output was prolific. After going to sea as a cabin boy at the age of nine, Wallis spent his early life working on lugger and deep-sea fishing boats off the Cornish coast and in the Atlantic. He later set up a marine scrap store in St Ives. Following the death of his wife, he turned to making art as a creative release from the loneliness he felt. All works in the exhibition are by Alfred Wallis and from the collection of Kettle’s Yard, University of Cambridge.

Ronnie Hughes: Isobar, 8th December – 27 March 2022, Upper Gallery, The MAC

Ronnie Hughes is one of Ireland’s most dynamic abstract painters. Hughes’ elegant and poised works are executed with complex technical skill yet retain a lightness of touch. While his finished paintings display a diversity of styles, at heart they share a common concern with the lived experience, and what Hughes has described as “the beauty, the fragility and the violence of being.”

Ronnie Hughes’ works evolve over a long time and are generally process-driven to the extent that there is no plan or, in most cases, any sense of the outcome until the works are close to completion. “My role is to steer and nuance their evolution; to balance the elements and, just as often, to disrupt them resulting in the emergence of waves, nebulae, constellations, lattice structures and fields”.

In recent years Hughes’ work has become more ‘optically’ charged, colour and shape are presented as vibrational energies where the haptic qualities that a painting’s surface contains and its ability to record, hold and represent time are amplified.

Hughes’ work is complex and multi-dimensional. The painted surface is constructed through a layering of stratas revealing a range of associative and representational qualities simultaneously. What appears to be random or chaotic is revealed to have a hidden template, structure or pattern, the regimented order of which is constantly gnawed at and undermined.

For further information visit at

VOID: VOID gallery in Derry-Londonderry presents,
Eva Rothschild, The Shrinking Universe until 15.1.22

Void Gallery is delighted to presemt The Shrinking Universe by Eva Rothschild. The Shrinking Universe at Void marks the final part of the Ireland at Venice 2019 National Tour, and was the national representation of Ireland at the 58th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia 2019, curated by Mary Cremin. The Shrinking Universe consists of individual works made up of multiple elements. Each sculpture retains its own distinct presence while forming a cohesive totality. The array of materials that Rothschild uses in her work, alongside the distinction between the presence of the artist’s hand and industrially created works, brings about a tension between the monumental and the personal.


Belfast Exposed: Presents the following exhibitions:

Belfast Exposed announces collaboration with Melbourne Centre of Contemporary Photography.

25 November to 23 December | Studio Gallery

Belfast Exposed, Northern Ireland’s leading photography organisation, will launch a new exhibition ‘We, Us, Them’ in collaboration with the Centre of Contemporary Photography in Melbourne, next week on Thursday 18th November. The exhibition, which is supported by the UK/Australia Season, is a collaboration between the British Council and the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the Arts Council for Northern Ireland, will focus on racism and how communities are viewed and stereotyped globally.

‘We, Us, Them’ will see the collaboration for the first time of artists from Belfast/UK and the Centre of Contemporary Photography in Melbourne, Australia collaborating to create an exhibition. Within the exhibition, five artists from Australia will exhibit alongside Northern Ireland stills photographer, Helen Sloan, who has spent her recent years undertaking photography with the worldwide production Game of Thrones, much of which was created in Northern Ireland.

Through the project, all of which will be delivered remotely however exhibited in Belfast Exposed’s Gallery, the artists will create a brand-new exhibition for March 2022 reflecting inherent, innate and accepted racism in society. The preview exhibition of 'We, Us, Them’ will be launched in Belfast Exposed on 25 November 2021 and will run until 23 December 2021. Parallel, the six artists will undertake new imagery exploring the theme of ‘Land and Language’ within communities in Australia and through Helen Sloan’s work, locally. For her piece, Helen will work with the traveller community within the island. For further details visit

Also at Belfast Exposed is ‘Beasts of Burden’ by internationally-renowned documentary photographer, Paul Seawright OBE available to view until 18th December in Gallery 1. Paul Seawright is a Professor of Photography and Executive Dean of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Ulster. Paul’s work has been held in many museum collections including the Irish Museum of Modern Art, the Tate, the International Centre of Photography New York, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome and many more.

In ‘Beasts of Burden’, Paul Seawright turns his attention to Rwanda. In the Rwandan genocide of 1994, members of the Hutu ethnic majority murdered an estimated one million people, mostly of the Tutsi minority in just 100 days. 25 years later a distinctive project, “Cows for Peace”, pairs perpetrators with their victims. Seawright’s images examine what is invisible within this space: the tension of the place but also the delicate nature of the caretakers when working with these animals. Beasts of Burden:

Belfast Exposed will be displaying local artists work in their ‘Big Christmas Photo Sale’ from 30th November – 23rd December in Gallery II with a mulled wine reception and opening being Thursday 2nd December. The Photo Sale has encouraged local artists who have been impacted by the numerous lockdowns and restrictions of the last year to submit their work for a good cause as 25% of each commission goes towards the Belfast Exposed Mental Health & Wellbeing Programme. Big Christmas Photo Sale:

R-Space: presents the following:

R-People, R-Time, R-Space, Exhibition/Poetry book launch/10th Birthday Party. 1 – 22 Dec 2021.

Exhibition - A Life in the Arts by Robert Martin, a retrospective exhibition that will include works in Glass, Plastic, Music and other ephemera from a lift in the arts runs from 1 Dec – 22 Dec 2021 at R-Space Gallery (32 Castle Street, Lisburn) with updates and stories via R-Space Social media channels and

Poetry Book Launch - 05 06 50, an illustrated anthology by Robert Martin launch on 1 Dec 2021. The book is part poetry, archive, audio, historical, retrospective, fun and an expression of love. Words by Robert Martin, Design by Joanne McCrum, Music by Neil Foster. Robert Martin has an extensive career in the creative sector spanning roles from artist, educator, curator to director. Starting his professional artistic career in 1975 as a glass maker, his path has taken him through many roles in different countries, creating a worldwide network of contacts. Starting with an inspirational Supremes and Jazz playing teacher, Robert bought his first album by Thelonious Monk and became a Mod. Attending art school, he became a hippie before teaching in Art College, getting back to soul and starting The Boulevard Club playing Jazz Funk.

He was invited to Japan to set up a glass blowing furnace in Kumamoto with Toshinobu Takamitsu and on returning, set up his own glass studio, running that for ten years and teaching again. That led on to working at the Harris Museum and Art Gallery and a Maximum-Security Prison in Lancashire, followed by working for the Arts Council of England in the southeast. He left the arts council in 2010 and set up R-Space with Anthea McWilliams in 2011.

This exhibition is an opportunity to focus on his artistic practice and creative writing. Robert’s contemporary applied art practice underpins his interest in materials and the messages and meanings conveyed through artwork. His work has crossed disciplines, involving a wide range of media resulting in 2D and 3D work.

Please see R-Space Website and Facebook for further details

RUA: The 140th RUA Annual Exhibition returns to the Ulster Museum until 2nd January 2022. The RUA Annual Exhibition is one of the most eagerly anticipated exhibitions in the Northern Irish cultural calendar, providing a unique platform for acclaimed artists and emerging talent to showcase their artwork in the fabulous galleries at the Ulster Museum. It is also a chance for the public to engage with a fully democratic, free admission exhibition.

The exhibition contains examples of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video and more. Some of the works reflect the times we are living and allude to isolation, social distancing and surviving in Covid times. Other works share deep messages with hope, humour, passion and integrity. Before opening the exhibition the RUA will host a series of Wednesday lunchtime talks at their new premises on Rosemary Street. Visit

CCA: CCA Derry~Londonderry presents Tilt [at Windmills] until 18th December. Curated by Mirjami Schuppert, the project features newly produced work by Jarkko Räsänen with Fionnuala Doran, Paul Moore and Robin Price. The newly produced works in the exhibition examine and respond to the UTV archive, which is currently digitised by Northern Ireland Screen’s Digital Film Archive.

Through the works in the exhibition, Jarkko Räsänen has embarked on his personal battle against perceived problems and injustices; he goes on an offence against surveillance apparatuses and their use of AI, and blind trust and glorification of technology, fights for animal rights and highlights violence culture. He examines old footage with the help of technology, stepping away from the content-focused approach that historians mostly use when researching archives. Given the large amount of footage available in the UTV archive, the artist has developed different methods to analyse the material, giving the exhibition distinct directions and various starting points. For more information visit

ArtisAnn: ArtisAnn is delighted to solve all your present problems! With over 50 artists showing over 100 artworks in total, you’re sure to find something for everyone at their Christmas Exhibition from Wed 3rd November to Sat 18th December 2021. Visit

Queen Street Studios (QSS): presents their exhibition, The Presence of Absence.

No booking required, please see the ‘visitor information’ section of our website for further details on visiting the gallery:

General opening hours: Tuesday – Thursday, 10:30am-5pm.

QSS:The 2019 MFA group from Belfast School of Art, UU began their degree pre-Covid. Their first year was cut short, studios were packed-up and practices moved to alternative, makeshift spaces. Despite regaining access to their 5th floor university studios during Year 2, further disruptions ensued with many live shows cancelled or transferred online; as was the case for the Degree Show.

Within this context, the November show at QSS provides a relished opportunity for this cohort of emerging artists to exhibit physically alongside one another. A manifestation of the strong bonds formed against the odds at an uncertain time. The title of the show ‘The Presence of Absence’, reflects this sentiment by exploring the experienced effects of the pandemic, what was absent yet still felt. Unified by theme of internal and external landscapes, the group’s practice spans a diverse range of mediums across the fine arts.

QSS is delighted to host this event and showcase a body of work that captures this moment in our shared history in a poignant and timely manner.

Exhibiting artists: Andy Athanasiou, Declan Coyle, Amy Devlin, Emily Esdale, Anna Horvathova, Maria Horvathova, Susan Hughes, Zara Lyness, Oonagh McAteer, Lauren McCullough, Anna Nangle, Katrīna Tracuma, Charys Wilson and Drydan Wilson.


Sestina Music: presents Carols at The Museum. The Ulster Museum, Belfast, 16th & 17th December 2021, 6.30pm and 8.15pm.

Sestina Music is delighted to present their popular seasonal concert 'Carols at the Museum' for the fifth year running, and returning live in December 2021. Come and be transported away from the frantic nature of modern Christmas with this hour-long carol concert in the spectacular surroundings of the Ulster Museum featuring music and seasonal readings from across the ages. This year, the programme will include the world premiere of a new commission by Eoghan Desmond, "Awake ye drowsy mortals all", works by Johann Hermann Schein, Fredrik Sixten, Ben Rowarth and Francois Poulenc, as well as seasonal favourites for all. Visit

Scott’s Jazz Club: Scott's jazz club runs a weekly concert in Ballyhackamore club 1a Sandown Road every Friday Night at 9pm. The club provides a welcoming environment for world class jazz music to be experienced in a concert setting. Upcoming performances include:

17th Dec: Nigel Mooney's Organ Failure Plays Christmas
7th Jan: The Scott Flanigan trio
14th Jan: special guest (to be announced)
21st Jan: Darren Beckett Trio
28th Jan: Hugh Buckley Organ trio

Ulster Orchestra: presents Salon Sessions. With the aim to expand their support of and collaboration with local music artists, the Ulster Orchestra has launched an exciting new digital series, Salon Sessions, which is available to watch on their YouTube channel.

Salon Sessions is free to view. For further information on Salon Sessions, please visit

The Ulster Orchestra also presents the following concerts:

  • 20 December, The Magic of Christmas at the Waterfront Hall, Belfast
  • 21 December, The Magic of Christmas at the Millennium Forum, Derry-Londonderry
  • 26 January, Celebrating the Classical at the Marketplace Theatre, Armagh
  • 27 January, Celebrating the Classical at the Alley Theatre, Strabane
  • 2 April, Shaken Not Stirred

For further details and to purchase tickets visit

Katharine Timoney: Belfast based jazz artist, Katharine Timoney has released her debut single, ‘Don’t Fret’, from her forthcoming EP. Produced by Ben Castle, the five tracked EP entitled, ‘Life Came into Colour’ combines jazz melodies, brutally honest lyrics with contemporary production and is due for release next year. Katherine Timoney is a BBC NI and Arts Council of Northern Ireland Young Musicians’ Platform Award recipient this EP is supported by The National Lottery funding through the Arts Council of Northern Ireland. Visit

Oh Yeah: The award winning NI Music Exhibition at Oh Yeah is now open for visitors after being shut for almost 18 months due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. The NI Music exhibition at Oh Yeah is the only permanent exhibit for popular music in Northern Ireland. There is much to see, including a series of storyboards documenting and plotting the history and the stories of Folk, Punk, Rock, Jazz and more. There is a ‘Legends’ series of wall displays that hail the great achievers including Ruby Murray, Van Morrison, Terri Hooley, Bap Kennedy, David McWilliams and Henry McCullough to name a few. Exhibition cases display some unique rock and roll memorabilia including the Fender Guitar that Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol used to write ‘Run’ and ‘Chasing Cars’, a vintage street sign of Cyprus Avenue, made famous in a Van Morrison song, and a specially arranged exhibit of Gary Moore memorabilia.

Exhibition Opening Times

Mon – Fri: 10am-4pm
Sat: 12-5pm

More info will follow on when the Music Bus Tour will restart soon. To enquire about a visit, or for further info and group bookings please contact or call 02890310845

Portico of Ards: Live music concerts are back at Portico! After 18 months of being forced to close due to the Covid restrictions, the Portico of Ards in Portaferry is finally able to open its doors to audiences. More than 50 concerts have been rescheduled over the last year and a half, which means there’s a jam-packed calendar of events coming up between now and Christmas. To find out more about Portico or concerts coming up please visit

Duncairn: Duncairn’s video project, ‘In Focus’, continues every Sunday. Each episode is a documentary-style portrayal of young and emerging artists from across the island and includes musical performances in a variety of locations. Available to watch at 7pm every Sunday at

ITMA: 'Drawing from the Well' is an online monthly ITMA series which connects artists with archival materials to inspire new art. To date, nine videos, podcasts and blogs have been created by leading traditional musicians, singers, and dancers, including Louise Mulcahy, Martin Hayes, Edwina Guckian and Cormac Begley. All episodes are free to view online at

Phil Taggart: ChillDaBeats is the brand new show from NI DJ, Phil Taggart. Every week he brings you a soft focus selection of the best alternative chill sounds along with the biggest guests picking some brain soothers in the Soul Food Selection. ChillDaBeats goes live every Sunday. Listen on Spotify at This podcast series is supported by emergency funding through the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Department for Communities.

Tommy Sands and Artsawonder:  In this new online film series, legendary musician, Tommy Sands, films, sings, listens and learns from a singing five times world champion drum major Alan McBride, two young women, Jenna Stevenson and Wendy Graham Hanna, who initiate and drive an Arts hub shop, a rhythmic drum weaver rhythmic drum weaver Damien McKeown and a young woman Bronagh Kelly who lovingly echoes the poetry of her mother.  To watch visit Media | Artsawonder (

Cultúrlann McAdam Ó Fiaich: presents Music Corner, the best of traditional music with great traditional musicians every Saturday. Visit Cultúrlann McAdam Ó Fiaich (


Seamus Heaney HomePlace: has released details of their new winter-spring 2022 seasonal programme of events.

Highlights include:

  • An Afternoon with Michael Longley
  • A Wintering Out celebration with Simon Callow and Charles Owen
  • Eleanor McEvoy in concert

Visit for tickets and information.

Grand Opera House: presents their panto, Goldilocks and the Three Bears until 9th January. Enter a world of wonder at Northern Ireland’s home of pantomime, as the magical Goldilocks and the Three Bears come to the Grand Opera House this Christmas! For five weeks only the Theatre will be transformed into a sensational circus, where everything is possible, and anything could (and will) happen. This festive extravaganza is packed with riotous comedy, extraordinary special effects, hair-raising stunts and international circus acts!

Dame May McFetty and her daughter Goldilocks’ circus is under threat from an evil rival circus owner and, with the help of their madcap circus friends, they’re battling to rescue their Big Top from ruin. Will they succeed? All seems lost, until three brilliant bears join the gang…

Roll up, roll up to see panto join the circus, and be swept away by a pantomime spectacular that’s just right! For tickets visit

Millennium Forum: presents the following shows:

Sleeping Beauty, 29th November – 2 January
The Magic of Christmas with the Ulster Orchestra, 21 December
Sister Act, 22-27 January 2022

Visit for tickets and further information.

The Lyric Theatre: presents the following,

Pigeon and Plum’s Vaudeville Circus: 2-18 December. After 2 long years away this DECEMBER 2021 messers GILDA PIGEON & MADELINE PLUM return with a circus cabaret. Pigeon & Plum’s is a home grown Belfast Neo-Victoriana Cabaret. The Lyric Naughton theatre shall be transformed into an opulent Victorian music hall with a contemporary punk rock twist. So come submerge yourself into the decadent beer halls of old Berlin and let the FESTIVE FRIVOLITY COMMENCE!!! There will be 12 extraordinary acts on the night. Come witness an Anarchic Christmas Cabaret like you’ve never seen!

Grimes and McKee’s Christmas Album: 5-30 December. A brand new Christmas comedy from the not-at-all brand new Grimes and McKee. Join festive favourites Conor Grimes and Alan McKee from the 5 - 30 December 2021, for their brand new Christmas comedy.

Pinocchio the Musical: 26th Nov 2021 – 2nd January 2022. The creative team behind the Lyric’s hit shows “Alice the Musical” and “Peter Pan the Musical” return with a brand new musical version of the greatest magical adventure of all time; “Pinocchio The Greatest Wonder of the Age”.

For further details on all events and to buy tickets visit

The MAC / The Untold Truth of Captain Hook: 10 Dec – 1 Jan. This Christmas, Replay Theatre Company in association with the MAC presents The Untold Truth of Captain Hook.

Even A Villain Can Be the Hero of His Own Tale. Lost Boys, shipwrecks, mermaids, crocodiles, and pirates. You may know the facts, but do you really know the truth?

Why not bring the whole family together to find out this December at the MAC?

Join them for an epic, theatrical adventure through the time before Neverland, exploring how the best of brothers can become the worst of enemies, in this family show packed with excitement and charm. The Untold Truth of Captain Hook is a show perfect for families, but kids aged 5+ will get the biggest kicks.


The Playhouse: presents

  • As If I Cared- poems and other parts of a life, 7th December
  • The Right Twig: Radio 2020, 13th December
  • The White Handkerchief, January 2022

For further information visit

DU Dance (NI): presents Belfast Boys, physical dance theatre for boys aged 7-11 years at the Crescent Arts Centre. Classes at 2-3pm every Saturday starting 18th September. No experience is necessary. Book at

Crescent Arts Centre: presents Paul Muldoon and Friends: An Evening of Readings and Music On 20 December. Join Pulitzer prize-winning poet and Belfast Book Festival Patron Paul Muldoon for an evening of readings and music. Paul will be joined on stage by some of his friends including influential and celebrated treasure poet Michael Longley and musicians Deirdre Shannon, Bernie Stocks and Dermot McAteer. Visit

The Crescent Arts Centre also continue their monthly Book Festival events until March 2022. Details of all events can be found at

Declan McConaghy Show: Newry based former BBC broadcaster, Declan McConaghy has created a new series of short films where he talks in-depth to creatives from Newry and the surrounding area who have made a contribution to theatre, music, dance and the performing arts in general. The view the films visit


Wheelworks: Get creative this Festive Season with the WheelWorks ArtCart

Unique to WheelWorks Arts is their state of the art ArtCart — a mobile arts studio that travels to your venue and opens up to provide an additional studio space for workshops and is packed full to the brim with digital equipment such as ipads, music and film making technology.

Virtual ArtCart activities take place at your own venue. Where outdoor space is limited, Wheelworks bring the ArtCart creativity inside your centre. They also come with a full outdoor suite — marquees, stage sound, lighting and outdoor heaters.

This unique space allows your young people the opportunity to experience professional equipment in a custom-made studio. It allows your centre to offer a range of socially distance spaces and utilises outdoor space.

Digital Arts Workshops include:

  • ‘Elfie’ Animation
  • ‘Festive’ Film making
  • ‘Jolly Jingle’ Orchestra
  • ‘Christmas’ Coding

    • Non-digital visual arts workshops include:

      • ‘Sparkle & Shine’ Crafts
      • ’Festive’ Print design
      • ‘Deck the Halls’ Decoration
      • ‘Santa’s slay’ sculpture

      To book your perfect digital and arts activities just email lisa@wheelworksarts.comand visit

      Tumble Circus: Award-winning circus company Tumble Circus will return to Belfast’s Writers Square this Christmas from 17 December 2021 until 3 January 2022. Despite a difficult 18 months due to the Covid-19 pandemic the team at Tumble Circus are back with their spectacular Winter Circus show presented in the Big Top. Now in its fifth year, the organisers at Winter Circus said fans can expect this year’s show “to return louder and prouder than ever before”. Tickets are £9-£14 + booking fee and available from, or for more information go to Family tickets are also available and group bookings (10+) can be booked by emailing

      Duncairn: has released details of their new programme of theatre, music and digital classes. To book visit

      Duncairn Player: all of the previous video projects can now be viewed from the Duncairn Player including The Duncairn Virtual Cabaret, Take 2, Carlingford and the Ring of Guillion Sessions.  Visit Player — The Duncairn

      Streetwise: Fancy learning how to juggle and other circus skills?! In response to Covid 19 Streetwise Community Circus has developed a team of tutors who are now working via Zoom to reach out to those who can no longer participate in workshops. To take advantage of this opportunity all you have to do is email Streetwise on Suitable for participants who range in age from 8 to 80 plus.

      Arts Care: has a wonderful range of arts activities available online on their Arts Care 4U Premium +, their online arts delivery channel that everyone can access. Arts Care’s new dedicated online arts and well-being workshop resource, ‘Break-Time’, accessed via their website to support the mental, emotional and physical well-being of children and young people through the Arts. New art, music, dance & exercise, drama, creative writing and clown doctor’s CDTV videos will be uploaded regularly and it’s all FREE. Visit

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    [/url]  In looking to monetize its mobile platform, Tencent is following the likes of South Korean firm Kakao Inc’s KakaoTalk and Japan’s NHN Corp’s Line. Three months after Kakao released Kakao Game last August, its monthly revenue soared ninefold to $35.3 million. Tencent has a 13.8 percent stake in Kakao.

  • Numbers, Friday 1st April 2022 at 8pm

    A few months cephalexin suspension dosage  In exchange for Soriano, the Yankees would send a mid-level prospect to the Cubs, who have become hot sellers as the trade deadline approaches. Chicago dealt righthander Matt Garza to the Rangers on Monday. No deal was in place as of Tuesday, although the two sides were still in negotiations, the source said.

  • Rafael, Friday 1st April 2022 at 8pm

    Will I have to work on Saturdays? celadrin unguent forum  This ignited an ugly fight with members of Obama’s Democratic Party, who pushed back in favor of Yellen because they saw Summers as being too lax on financial regulation, and for remarks he made in the past that some viewed as sexist.

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