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Arts Council Artistic Assessors

Wednesday 1st March 2017 at 11am 1 Comments

The Arts Council is seeking to appoint suitably qualified individuals to assist it in providing artistic assessments for the art forms and specialist practice areas which it funds.

Assessors will be contracted for a two-year period, renewable for a further two years, to undertake assessments of the work of funded organisations and clients. Collectively the assessors will represent the widest possible expertise and include art form specialists from all disciplines.

It is expected that appointments will commence in April 2017.

Application forms from: Patricia Curran,

Application deadline: 5pm Friday 31st March 2017

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  • Mo McDevitt, Thursday 2nd March 2017 at 3pm

    delighted to hear there is an opportunity for fresh eyes devoid of prejudice…..look forward to observing the process ...and yes two years good balance

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