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Arts Promoting Inter-Culturalism in Northern Ireland

Monday 24th January 2005 at 2pm 0 Comments

The Arts Council of Northern Ireland and the Community Relations Council have joined forces to establish a new arts programme to encourage greater understanding and respect for cultural diversity in Northern Ireland.

Roisin McDonough, Chief Executive of the Arts Council, said about the development of the Promoting Inter-Culturalism Programme, that, “The arts have a lengthy and constructive history of participation in the development of an inclusive society in Northern Ireland and are ideally placed to help counter rising levels of racial division in Northern Ireland. The new programme that we have developed in partnership with the Community Relations Council creates further opportunities for the arts to make a telling contribution towards a better Northern Ireland for all.”

The jointly-funded programme will help black and ethnic minority groups, as well as local community and voluntary groups working with these groups, to develop their capacity to engage with the arts. Funding of up to £10,000 per project is available for arts projects that help to promote greater awareness and understanding of the contribution made to wider society by the arts and cultural expressions of black and minority communities. Inter-cultural understanding, tolerance, and networks of trust and co-operation in Northern Ireland will also be established through collaborative projects between black and ethnic minority and local communities.

Duncan Morrow, Chief Executive of the Community Relations Council, said, “Ongoing racist violence has shown that the task of making and sustaining better relationships in Northern Ireland is more complex than simply addressing the longstanding sectarian divide.  If we are to tackle hate crime and racist violence, it is imperative that we find ways to meet one another in all of our diversity.  The arts offer real opportunities for people from different cultural backgrounds to engage with one another, to communicate core values and to identify both differences and common ground.  The Promoting Inter-Culturalism programme is a real contribution to good relations in Northern Ireland.”

The two deadline dates for applications to the Promoting Inter-Culturalism Programme are: Monday 31 st January 2005 and Thursday 25 th February 2005.

Full details of funding criteria for the Promoting Inter-Culturalism Programme are available on the Arts Council’s website,


  • The Arts Council of Northern Ireland is the lead development agency for the arts in Northern Ireland and the main support for artists and arts organisations throughout the region in a wide variety of artistic disciplines.
  • The Community Relations Council was formed in January 1990 as an independent company and registered charity to promote better community relations between Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland and, equally, to promote recognition of cultural diversity.
  • A range of services are eligible for funding through the Promoting Inter-Culturalism Programme, including fees for performers, trainers and facilitators, hire of venues, crèche provision, resource materials and equipment, and procurement of translation services.
  • Completed applications should be returned to: Community Relations Council, 6 Murray Street, Belfast BT1 6DN


Contact Matthew Hendry, Communications Officer

T: (028) 90385210


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