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Digital Arts Studios announces new Future Labs programme of workshops to upskill artists

Wednesday 14th April 2021 at 11am 0 Comments Northern Ireland Music , Film & TV , Visual Arts

Composer and sound artist Aidan Deery presents 'Field Recording Theory and Practice' as part of Future Labs from Digital Arts Studios. Image: Composer and sound artist Aidan Deery presents 'Field Recording Theory and Practice' as part of Future Labs from Digital Arts Studios.

Digital Arts Studios (DAS) has announced an innovative new series of video workshops which will help to upskill everyone from musicians and filmmakers, to sound artists, sculptors, illustrators and animators.

Now in its third year, Future Labs is a creative programme that provides training and technical support for artists who wish to experiment with new and emerging technologies, as well as to enhance their skills with more commonly used video and audio equipment and software.

Richard Davis, DAS Creative Technician and Future Labs Programmer said:

“With digital technologies evolving at such speed, it’s so important for artists to upskill in order to broaden their practice and help them to create and generate new work, especially during the pandemic.

Future Labs is not just for digital artists, it’s open to anyone working across a wide range of art forms, who would like some help and support with exploring various digital technologies, equipment and software to benefit themselves and their work.

This new online collection of workshops is geared towards those who want to learn more about sound recording and editing, animation and 3D modelling, streaming live video, how to get started in podcasting, projection mapping, creating interactive installations and how to best use online platforms for promoting creative work.”

The themes of this year’s Future Labs workshops include: taking your illustrations into new 2D and 3D dimensions with artist and illustrator Will Scobie; creating unique, site-specific, sound walks with artist and QUB lecturer John D’Arcy and learning to use SonoBus, an app for streaming high-quality, low-latency peer-to-peer audio between devices over the internet, with musician Adam Pultz-Melbye.

Performing artists can learn how to create interactive installations for their work using Max/MSP software with artist Richard Davis and sound artists can learn the art of fIeld recording with composer and sound artist Aidan Deery.

Access to each of the six Future Labs workshops costs £5 for 30 days, with all proceeds going to fund the work of Digital Arts Studios.

In addition to the video workshops, Future Labs has also launched a mini podcast where DAS Creative Technician, Richard Davis, chats to each of the workshop facilitators about their content, their own artistic practice and their experiences working throughout the pandemic.  Listen to our podcast on or Spotify.

For further information on all Future Labs workshops, visit

Digital Arts Studios is kindly supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.


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