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Kids in Control

Thursday 30th June 2011 at 4pm 0 Comments

Kids in Control is a company that consistently raises the bar and extends the boundaries in all their projects with young people, irrespective of the limiting labels others might attribute to the same young people.  Cutting edge young people’s performance work” Malcolm Smith: Curriculum Centre Manager of Performing Arts, Belfast Metropolitan College.

Kids in Control is a professional theatre company for young people.  The speciality of the company is a physical theatre approach that has produced outstanding productions since 1997.

Everything produced by Kids in Control is created by young people who have committed to challenging training under the supervision of specialist drama and dance tutors. The speciality of the tutors is the value they place on creativity over talent.

KIC is a Limited Company and a Registered Charity that values children and young people of all abilities and backgrounds without discrimination, recourse to selection or, worst of all, auditions.

We want young people to feel, enjoy and understand what it is to make something original.  We want them to value the creativity of others and to prize skilled teamwork. Being part of the outstanding community arts event in Belfast is an opportunity to reach a grass-roots audience with our celebration of the creativity that is in all of us.  It is also an opportunity to open the door to the experiences of West Belfast youth to all our programmes.

For the first time at The West Belfast Festival.

A Kids in Control Production.


Devised and performed by students from schools in West, East, North and South Belfast.

A young girl makes the journey we must all make through the loss of innocence through into adolescence.  This is a story for everyone who can recall the moment when childhood began to fade, and for every child about to face that moment.

Suitable for all the family.   Venue: Christian Brothers’ School, Glen Road

Dates: 4th, 5th and 6th August  
Time: 7pm       
Tickets: £5 (one price)


Kids in Control is currently enrolling for the following programmes :

A physical theatre course for beginners from 15th-19th August
A physical theatre course for young people with a learning disability from 22nd-26th August;

An all-ability physical theatre programme at the Lyric Theatre Belfast starting September.
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