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Lottery Department Targets and Capital Priorities 2002/03

Tuesday 13th August 2002 at 1pm 0 Comments


The Arts Council is required to set targets each year for the distribution of its National Lottery funds. Taking into account DCMS Policy Directions, the Arts Council’s Corporate Plan and the Lottery Strategy for 2002-06, Council agreed at its meeting on 16 May 2002 to set the following targets for the financial year 2002/2003.

2002/03 TARGETS

Target 1: Ratio of capital to revenue projects

To maintain a balanced ratio of 2:1 in favour of the number of revenue projects. The current budget is £9.4M to revenue programmes and £7.8M to capital programmes.

Target 2: Level of Processing administration time

The stated processing time for all programmes is 3 months, equivalent to 60 working days. The average processing time in 2001/02 was 76 working days. The target has been set at 10% less than last year i.e. - 69 working days.

Target 3(a): Under-represented geographic areas

Target 3(b): Under-represented artform areas

Following on after the re-structuring of the Council in September 2002, all Arts Council officers will work with local authority arts officers and others to promote the availability of Lottery programmes in under-represented artform areas of Literature and Dance and in geographic areas of Ballymoney, Banbridge, Newtownabbey and Limavady.


  • to complete the feasibility study into the provision of a third-level dance programme;
  • to increase the level of applications from the geographic areas above by 10%;
  • to organise a series of information events for literature groups to increase the level of applications by 10%.

Target 4: Involvement of children and young people

Target 5: Impact on areas of social and economic deprivation

These two targets will be amalgamated. Through data identified under the Nobel Index, relating to child poverty, children and young people and access, the Council will allocate £345,000 from within the Access budget to be targeted at projects involving children and young people within the top ranked 25 wards.

Target 6: DCMS directed Artform areas: Film & Craft


To allocate 13% of the Council’s National Lottery income to the Northern Ireland Film & Television Commission;

To work with NIFTC to develop new Lottery programmes relating to training and development in the industry.


To introduce a specific Craft, Applied Arts and Design programme by May 2002 to deliver;

  • 3 Start up grants totalling £30,000 in year one,
  • 2 Infrastructure/Development grants totalling £60,000,
  • 4 Exhibition grants totalling £30,000,
  • 2 Skills Development grants totalling £40,000.


In its Lottery Strategy for 2002-06 Council undertook to publish its capital priorities to inform potential applicants aiming at submitting applications for the 31 August 2002 deadline.

The reasoning behind the 3 stage capital programme introduced in April 2001, is that whilst Council is willing to fund a range of feasibility studies at Stage 1 of the programme, it should not enter into Stage 2 awards unless it considers it would wish to fund the final construction costs at Stage 3, or where it feels Stage 3 can be totally funded from other non-Arts Council sources.

At its meeting on 16 May 2002 the Council set the following strategic priorities, within the available budget of £4.5m:

  • a community arts and cultural centre of appropriate scale in Strabane;
  • the establishment of new facilities which address language arts provision;
  • the establishment of new facilities of appropriate scale based in areas of high social and economic disadvantage in Belfast.

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