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Monday 15th April 2002 at 1pm 0 Comments


Angela McCluskey

Options and Recommendations

A summary of key recommendations with regard to the way forward would be:

  • A strategy for theatre in Northern Ireland.
  • Revisiting of the key issues and recommendations in the Southwood Review of Performing Arts Venues and Spaces.
  • Additional revenue funding for the professional theatre sector.
  • Promotion and encouragement of good practice with regard to terms and conditions of employment within the sector.
  • Ease of access to Lottery funding.
  • A template for collation of date on theatre production outputs.
  • More detail linked to announcement of specific funding allocations.
  • A united, broad-based theatre lobby.
  • Clarification of the situation and timescale with regard to the introduction of multi-annual funding.
  • Resources and strategy for improvements to electronic ticketing facilities to ensure better data capture on audiences.
  • An audience baseline for theatre in Northern Ireland.
  • A strategic discussion with the sector on the development of capital provision for theatre.
  • Resources and strategy for touring work outside Northern Ireland.
  • Subsidy for cross-border touring.
  • Trainee bursaries.


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