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New publishing partnership announced

Wednesday 10th December 2014 at 1pm 0 Comments Literature

Verbal Arts Centre this week announced an exciting publishing partnership between The Honest Ulsterman online and Abridged Magazine. 

Dr. Gregory McCartney, Project Coordinator and Editor of Abridged poetry/art magazine from January 2015 will also edit the online version of The Honest Ulsterman.

The publication will be doing a submission call for poetry/prose/critical writing in the very near future and the next issue will be out mid/late February.

Gregory McCartney said: ‘I am very pleased to be given the opportunity to be the editor of the HU. I realise that without publications such as the HU to blaze a trail there would be no magazines such as Abridged with which it shares a healthy iconoclastic attitude. I will endeavour to continue its tradition of subverting tradition and expectation as well as bringing to the fore the best of local and international writing and art. Whilst this isn’t a time of revolution (or at least not of healthy ones) it is a time of battle as the world seems to be shifting to a conservatism that threatens individual rights of expression and creativity there is a need for a vehicle to point out the rights, wrongs, beauty, darkness and absurdities of contemporary life as well as occasionally offer a competing perspective to the grand narratives that tend to surround us’.

The Honest Ulsterman originated in the late 1960s at a time of political turmoil not only throughout the world but particularly in Northern Ireland.  Its creator and first editor was James Simmons.  The magazine would subsequently be edited for the next 20 years by Frank Ormsby.  Later editors would include Ruth Carr, Tom Clyde and Frank Sewell, its last print issue being 2003. It was revived by the Verbal Arts Centre in Derry as an online magazine with the first three online issues edited by Darran Anderson. Abridged Magazine is funded through the Arts Council’s National Lottery programme.

Verbal Arts Centre said: ”We would like to welcome Greg McCartney to the Honest Ulsterman and look forward to his tenure at the helm. We’re sure it will be an interesting journey.”

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