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CIRP documents

Wednesday 15th September 2021

ACNI Stories from the Inside Report

Wednesday 8th September 2021

ACNI Care Home Research Report

Wednesday 8th September 2021

Minority Ethnic Residency & Mentoring Programme

Monday 6th September 2021

ACNI 21_02_Application_Form

Monday 16th August 2021

Individual Artists Digital Evolution Awards Guidance Notes

Tuesday 10th August 2021

In the bubble of our making: reopening the arts in Northern Ireland

Friday 30th April 2021 Research

Annual review 2019 - 2020

Thursday 27th May 2021 Annual Reports

Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Qualitative Research: Arts Engagement and Covid

Friday 14th May 2021 Research

Arts Council of Northern Ireland 5-year Strategic Framework for Developing the Arts 2019-2024

Friday 30th April 2021 Strategy