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Arts and Culture in Northern Ireland 2007

Saturday 1st December 2007 Research

Client Satisfaction Survey 2010

Friday 1st January 2010 Research

Regularly Funded Organisation Survey 2011_2012

Thursday 1st November 2012 Research

Local Authority Expenditure Survey 2009 and 2010

Friday 30th September 2011 Research

Impact of the Economic Downturn on Regularly Funded Organisations

Wednesday 1st December 2010 Research

Digest of Arts Statistics 2010

Monday 1st March 2010 Research

Living and Working Conditions of Professional Artists

Monday 2nd November 2009 Research

Arts Council submission to CAL Funding Inquiry February 2009

Saturday 28th February 2009 Research

Barriers to Disabled People’s Participation in and Access to the Arts

Saturday 31st March 2007 Research

Governance Survey 2006 and 2007

Monday 12th February 2007 Research

Results page 5 of 6