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Research Projects

Our research programme supports the development of effective policy by gathering evaluation evidence, analysing data and developing artform strategies 

The following projects represent highlights of Strategic Development research programme for 2016/17:


  • Arts and Culture in Northern Ireland 2016

Arts and Culture in Northern Ireland (2016) will report on the characteristics and behaviours of adults attending and participating in arts and culture in Northern Ireland based on the findings of an omnibus survey of the resident adult population. The report will form part of the Arts Council's Official Statistics output for 2016/17.

  • Annual Funding Survey

The Annual Funding Survey Provides details on the activities and outputs of core funded arts organisations each year. Data gathered on our investments informs evaluations, funding decisions and future strategy. We will make this data available as an Official Statistic in 2016/17.

  • Young People and Wellbeing Programme Evaluation

In collaboration with the Public Health Agency, the Arts Council of Northern Ireland will manage a three year evaluation of its pioneering Young People and Wellbeing Programme which aims to improve the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people by engagement in high quality arts. 

There are no projects at present