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Language Arts

The ‘language arts’ refer to those arts which involve or are spoken in Irish, Ulster Scots or both.

Donncha Crowley in Aisling Ghéar’s ‘An Béal Bocht/The Poor Mouth. Photo: Kiri Barker Image: Donncha Crowley in Aisling Ghéar’s ‘An Béal Bocht/The Poor Mouth. Photo: Kiri Barker

Irish-language arts are directly related to Irish, with particular emphasis on creative writing and theatre.

Ulster Scots arts comprise all those arts activities in Northern Ireland with primarily Scottish roots.

The Arts Council recognised the need to develop the language arts after extensive consultation (see links below). We have supported applications from the sector for many years and have recently deepened our commitment to an area which has gained a new importance in matters of identity, belonging and creativity.

Artists may apply for financial support, assistance with travel and research and major awards. Funding is available for publishers towards the commissioning, production and marketing of works in these languages and cultural communities. Artistic magazines are also eligible for funding.

We also support platforms where artists can air their work to new and informed audiences. The Arts Council encourages new readerships and new audiences for these arts by assisting readings, performances and roadshows and by enabling schools and community groups to experience the language arts first-hand in workshops and short-term residencies.

The Arts Council also works with organisations in the Republic of Ireland to ensure opportunities for writers island-wide.