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for The Arts in Northern Ireland

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Traditional Arts

We support the development of traditional arts and artists across a wide range of genres.

The Traditional Arts in Northern Ireland incorporate the indigenous music, song and dance of the region and the other artforms that relate to these disciplines, such as story-telling, Mumming and other manifestations of folk custom and tradition.

Traditional Arts encompasses various genres, including:

• Singing  (Irish, English, Hiberno-English and Ulster Scots)
• Music   (Gaelic, Scottish and English traditions)
• Dance  (Irish, Scottish or other influences)
• Storytelling
• Theatre
• Architecture and Crafts
• Folk-custom and Belief

The Arts Council supports the Traditional Arts through its project and core funding programmes and continues to help organisations, individual practitioners and small community groups to preserve, promote and celebrate the traditional arts of Northern Ireland.

The Arts Council supports the development of traditional arts and artists across a wide range of genres, including:

• Assisting traditional musicians in the development of their knowledge, artistry and their professional careers;
• Promoting our heritage of traditional music, song and dance by supporting the collection, archiving, and dissemination of these artforms;
• Enhancing understanding of cultural traditions and diversity in Ireland, the UK and around the globe;
• Supporting initiatives in traditional music education inside and outside the formal education sector;
• Supporting the showcasing of traditional arts through local festivals, concerts, education programmes, and other events.