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Youth Arts

All children and young people are entitled to participate in a diverse range of arts-led cultural opportunities.

Youth arts refers to a whole range of creative activities, involving children and young people up to the age of 25 years, both in and outside of formal education settings. Youth arts can take place, any time, anywhere, with almost anyone, and with any kind of artform or creative activity. It could be poetry slams, street dance, circus skills, drama, fashion design, film, graffiti, music, Dj-ing, Vj-ing, craft, opera, hip hop – almost anything goes.

The Arts Council recognises Youth Arts as a valuable artistic process in itself and also as a contributor to growing all aspects of professional arts practice.

Underpinning the artistic work that the Arts Council supports is the view that the arts need to be recognised as central to the effectiveness of future policy for Children and Young People across all dimensions; educational, social and economic.

The Arts Council seeks to stimulate exchange, connection, collaboration and revision among all those, including young people, involved in the development of the arts for children and young people.

The Arts Council is fully committed to the importance of safeguarding vulnerable groups in our society.

You can also download the safeguarding policy for adults and the safeguarding policy for children and young people from Volunteer Now.