Arts Council of Northern Ireland

The Funding and Development Agency
for The Arts in Northern Ireland

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The Arts Council promotes the view that good buildings and public spaces enhance the quality of life for all our citizens and visitors to Northern Ireland

The MAC (Metropolitan Arts Centre), Belfast Image: The MAC (Metropolitan Arts Centre), Belfast

The Arts Council recognises Architecture as an art form and has had a formal remit for the promotion of high quality architecture and design for the built environment since 1995.

With the advent of National Lottery funding for the arts in 1994, the Arts Council established a Capital Build Programme. Having fulfilled our vision of providing a dedicated arts facility within 20 miles of every person in Northern Ireland, the Arts Council continues to fill gaps in provision at an appropriate scale, taking strategic account of demand within geographic areas and artform priorities.

The Arts Council recognises that architecture and design for the public realm affects all our lives fundamentally, on a daily basis, and that the quality of our architecture is at some level a reflection of our cultural aspirations. We actively encourage the integration of public art in civic spaces, the urban and rural landscape and in public buildings.