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Client Satisfaction Survey

Tuesday 11th October 2005 at 1pm 0 Comments

The Arts Council Northern Ireland is planning to undertake a client satisfaction survey within the next few weeks. This aims to establish a measurable baseline of client satisfaction relating to performance of the Council in key areas of activity.

Currently we are piloting the survey with a small random sample of clients. On completion of this we will undertake the survey, which will involve a random sample of 50% of all successfully funded clients for the year 2004-2005. This sample size will be strongly representative of the entire client base.

In order to ensure that the full survey is carried out professionally and independently, we have asked an independent research company to conduct this on our behalf. The Arts Council would like to notify all those clients who are selected to participate in the survey that complete anonymity and confidentiality are guaranteed. We would also like to take the opportunity at this point to thank those who take part in advance for their cooperation.

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