What We Support

We are the main support for artists and arts organisations, offering a broad range of funding and development opportunities through our Public and National Lottery funds.

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Two adults and two children look at the camera through a construction of white foam blocks
Maiden Voyage Dance, ‘Pause and Effect’, at Belfast Children’s Festival. Photo: Brian Morrison

We support the work of hundreds of artists, creative practitioners, arts organisations, community groups, and venues.

Our Arts Development Officers offer specialist guidance on funding and project development to artists and organisations working across the spectrum of arts activity in Northern Ireland.

We distribute funding to organisations and individuals in the creative sector who develop and deliver arts programmes across all of society.

We support the development of art in the community, in our schools and healthcare environments, and in the creative industries.

We work in close partnership with key cultural and sectoral organisations to develop and deliver projects which will benefit from our shared expertise and resources.