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5-year Strategy Consultation

Draft 5-year Strategic Framework for Developing the Arts 2019-2024

Public consultation is now closed.
Closed 4pm, Friday 22nd March 2019

The Arts Council has developed its draft Strategic Framework for the Arts 2019-2024 in consultation with the arts sector and key stakeholders, as well as our partners in local and central government, and the wider public sector. The strategy will establish the key priorities and actions that the Arts Council will pursue over the next five-year period.

  • Public consultation opened: Thursday 20th December 2018
  • Public consultation closed: 4pm, Friday 22nd March 2019
  • Publication of the completed strategy is scheduled for April 2019

Equality of Opportunity & Good Relations

The Arts Council is committed to equality of opportunity and good relations in all of our work.  We want to make a clear commitment to addressing key inequalities, particularly those experienced by Section 75 groups, through this strategy and its associated performance measurement framework.

Although there are no clear detrimental impacts of the policy on Section 75 groups, we have decided to undertake a full Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) on the strategy.

Responses are invited to the draft Strategic Framework, from an arts and or equality perspective, via our online survey or directly to the Strategic Development Team.

Development schedule for the draft Strategic Framework

We are now at Stage 3 of the schedule: public consultation.

Phase 1 – Determine Position (June to September 2018)

Phase 2 – Developing the draft Strategic Framework (September to December 2018)

Phase 3 – Communicating and Consulting (December to March 2019)

  • Draft 5-year Strategic Framework for Developing the Arts 2019-2024. Read it here
  • Online consultation survey – opened January 2019. Closed Friday 22nd March 2019 at 4pm.
  • Young Person’s version of the draft Strategic Framework. Read it here
  • Consultation workshops – announced January, completed February 2019