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Equality and Good Relations Duties

The Arts Council is committed to fulfilling its statutory equality and good relations duties. 

The Arts Council has obligations under Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act to ensure that equality of opportunity and good relations are central to policy making, policy implications and review, as well as service delivery.

These responsibilities place a duty on the Arts Council to address inequalities and demonstrate measurable positive impact on the lives of people experiencing inequalities. 

As part of its commitment to creating a more diverse and equal society, the Arts Council produces an Annual Report to the Equality Commission and a Disability Action Plan (2015 - 2018) which sets out the organisations' commitment to promoting positive attitudes towards people with disabilities and encourages participation in all aspects of the arts.

Details of work carried out by the Arts Council to fulfill its statutory equality and good relations duties, including the delivery of its Equality Scheme and Disability Actions Plans can be found here.

In addition to these duties, the Arts Council screens policies for any adverse impacts on the promotion of equality of opportunity and good relations.