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Official Statistics

Following the introduction of the Official Statistics Order (2012) the Arts Council of Northern Ireland became a provide of official statistics. 

This means that the Arts Council produces, manages and disseminates official statistics in line with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics published by the UK Statistics. The Code sets out a number of important principles and practices to ensure that official statistics provide government and the public with information that can be regarded as both trustworthy and trusted, 

As a result you can expect the Arts Council to:

  • Produce, manage and disseminate official statistics based on the needs of users including decision makers, public services and the public.
  • Employ sound statistical methods consistent with scientific principles and international best-practice
  • Protect the confidentiality of information about individual persons
  • Ensure official statistics are available to all in an easy to digest format
  • Manage and present official statistics impartially and objectively
  • Ensure confidence in the official statistics produced by only giving pre-release access to a small number of Arts Council staff no more than 24 hours before publication. 


Arts Council of Northern Ireland official statistics 2016/17

In 2016/17 the Arts Council of Northern Ireland will produce the following official statistics:

  • Arts and Culture in Northern Ireland 2016. Arts and Culture in Northern Ireland (2016) will report on the characteristics and behaviours of adults attending and participating in arts and culture in Northern ireland based on the findings of an omnibus survey of the resident adult population.
  • Annual Funding Survey (2015/16). The Annual Funding Survey provides details on the activities and outputs of core funded arts organisations each year. Data gathered on our investments informs evaluations, funding decisions and future strategy. 

Supporting Documents: