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Intercultural Arts

Northern Ireland society faces the challenge of creating a shared future based on respect, tolerance, peace and equality.

Increasing numbers of people from around the world are choosing Northern Ireland as a place to live and work. Arts activity has the power to both express the richness and diversity of contemporary society and confront the challenges raised by prejudice. The Arts Council of Northern Ireland through its fundinging will continue to acitively foster the expression of cultural pluralism, build dialogues and promote mutual understanding, through interchanges within and between communities and their cultures. 

The Arts Council’s Intercultural Arts Strategy is currently under review

The Intercultural Arts Programme has a number of strands:

1. Intercultural Arts Grants - supporting meaningful collaboration between minority ethnic communities and artists. We are looking for high quality and exciting participant-led arts projects that meet the strategic themes of the programme. The grants will be open to all constituted community and voluntary groups working with artisits and arts organisations. Grants available: £500 to £10,000

2. Artist in the Community Awards - supporting the professional arts practice within a community setting, the Artist in the Community Awards will provide individual artists with the time and resources to work within an intercultural community setting and reflect, research and reconsider art practice within this context. Grants available: £5,000

3. Minority Ethnic Individual Artists Awards - supporting professional arts practice and specifically targeted at artists from minority ethnic communities. Grants available: Up to £1,500

Intercultural Arts Support Programme

In conjunction with Community Arts Partnership, the Intercultural Arts Support Programme provides a number of training, development and networking opportunities for artists and communities exploring the area of Arts and Cultural Diversity. Information on the support programme is available from or by emailing