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Building Peace through the Arts: Re-Imaging Communities

The programme has supported communities to tackle sectarianism & racism through a creative engagement process leading to the creation of public art


Artist Shiro Masuyama and Colum Best, Dunclug Partnership inspect part of the 'Five Apples' sculpture launching June 2015 Image: Artist Shiro Masuyama and Colum Best, Dunclug Partnership inspect part of the 'Five Apples' sculpture launching June 2015

The programme has supported 53 community based projects to undertake creative engagement and consultation resulting in the development and installation of 32 pieces of site-specific public art across Northern Ireland and in the border counties of the Republic of Ireland. 

Each project addressed the following 5 strategic objectives:

  • Community Cohesion - Work with communities to provide opportunities for more stable, safer neighbourhoods and develop strong, positive relations between people from different backgrounds
  • Build Peace and Reconciliation - Support progress towards a peaceful, shared and stable society and promote reconciliation through community led programmes of arts activities
  • Positive relations at a local level - Utilise the arts and arts processes as a means with which to challenge sectarian and racist attitudes and build positive community relations at a local level.
  • Regeneration through the Arts - Work with communities wanting to develop more inclusive civic and cultural identities through the production of high quality artwork for the public realm
  • Connecting communities - Utilise the arts and arts processes as a means in which to connect communities throughout Northern Ireland and the Border Areas.

A consortium of key stakeholders from North and South of the Border provided programme support. The consortium includes the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Office of the First and Deputy First Minister, Department of Culture Arts & Leisure, Department of Social Development, Special European Union Programmes Body, International Fund for Ireland, Northern Ireland Housing Executive, Community Relations Council, Association of Local Authority Arts Officers and Rural Community Network. 





Download Positive Images Issue 1 Winter 2013


Download Positive Images Issue 2 Spring 2014


Download Postive Images Issue 3 Spring 2015

This project is part- financed by the European Union’s Programme for Peace and Reconciliation (PEACE III) managed by the Special EU Programmes Body, The Arts Council of Northern Ireland, and The International Fund for Ireland