National Lottery Organisations Digital Evolution Awards

Application Deadline: Fri 16th Aug, 2024, 12:00PM

All Funding for Organisations

Programme Objectives

  • Upskilling NI arts organisations in the use of new, emerging and immersive Technology
  • Creation of high quality Digital Art*

Programme Priorities:

  1. Creation of digital arts
  2. Supporting artists / arts organisations to make digital art for the first time or working with digital technology which they have not used before.
  3. Encouraging cross-sectoral collaboration

*What is Digital Art within the context of this programme?

For this programme digital art is artwork that is created exclusively in the digital space; it can either exist in the digital space or be translated into a physical object or tangible experience through technology. Work that exists only in the digital space can be artwork that is consumed online or offline; the latter having some form of installation in a venue.

This grant programme does not cover the simple digitisation of art (in any artform) or performance and must relate to the development of your artistic practice and digital capability. Filmed performances, audio recordings or video capture of material that would be intended for in-person performance is not suitable as the output of a project proposal, and applications applying for such output activity will be rejected as ineligible. Such filmed or recorded elements can be used as assets within a piece of digital art, for example within animation, virtual experiences, or app development.

Who can apply?

Eligible applicants to this scheme are as follows:

  • Arts organisations, registered charities and other organisations which cannot distribute profits
  • Groups of organisations working together to deliver specific projects
  • Organisations currently in receipt of an Arts Council Annual funding Programme award may apply for: projects of an exceptional nature which were not anticipated at the time of their AFP application

What you can apply for

Here are some examples of the type of project we are aiming to support through this scheme, this list is far from exhaustive.

  • Creation of a virtual environment or augmented reality environment, such as augmented reality visual arts or sound overlay on venues or geographical spaces.
  • Using technology, such as 3D rendering and printing, to create artwork digitally which can either exist digitally or be manufactured into 3D physical objects.
  • Using technology to translate data into artistic content; for example, algorithms/Artificial Intelligence that create music or visual content from data input.
  • App development for the delivery of artistic content; this could include gamification or making an artistic experience for consumption on digital devices. (Note: this does not include streaming of filmed / recorded performances)
  • Piloting new forms of support to individual artists or organisations that results in the creation of digital art.
  • Essential digital equipment and software up to a max 20% of Total Request Value (i.e. 20% of the total amount you are requesting from us in the application). All requests for hardware or software must be integral to project delivery and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by assessors.

How to apply?

You must apply using our online system. We will not accept applications in hard copy or by email.

  • Online applications may be edited, saved and returned up to the closing date.
  • You must submit all mandatory enclosures associated with the application at the same time as your application, i.e. they must be uploaded to your online application prior to its submission. These enclosures are listed on the Attachments page within the online application and are detailed with the guidance notes.
  • Please ensure that you leave sufficient time to upload all documents to the system as there can be long delays as the closing deadline approaches and the system will shut down at 12noon precisely on the closing date, 16 August 2024. If your complete application is not fully uploaded when the system closes, with all the requested mandatory enclosures, your application will not be accepted.
  • If you submit your application by the closing deadline, you will receive an automated email advising that your application has been successfully submitted to the system. If you do not receive this email, your application has not been submitted.

Please remember that it is your responsibility to ensure that we receive the application form and uploaded enclosures by the closing time and date.

Once the programme deadline has passed, you will not be given additional time to submit any missing enclosures.

Online Applications

You must apply using our online system. We will not accept applications in hard copy or by email.

Deadline for Applications

The deadline for applications is Friday 16 August 2024 at 12pm.