Announcement of the artists for the second edition of Magnetic, the Franco-UK initiative for a bilateral programme of visual artists’ residencies

13th October, 2023

Magnetic is a network of 8 residencies in France and the United Kingdom launched in 2022 under the umbrella of Fluxus Art Projects.

  • Charys Wilson, from Northern Ireland, will take part in a residency at Frac Grand Large, Dunkirk
  • Francisco Rodriguez Teare, from Hauts-de-France, will take part in a residency at Flax Art Studios in Belfast
Collage of images featuring a black and white portrait of Charys Wilson, the exterior of a red brick building, the home of Flax Art Studios and a portrait of Rodriguez Teare.
Pictured is Charys Wilson from Northern Ireland who will take part in a residency at Frac Grand Large, Dunkirk Francisco and Rodriguez Teare, from Hauts-de-France, who will take part in a residency at Flax Art Studio.

Magnetic, a unique collaboration conceived by Institut français du Royaume-Uni and the four UK arts funding agencies, has entered its second edition. Magnetic 2 is partnered with eight leading institutions in France and the UK. To strengthen relations between the institutions across the Channel, the programme is based on a tandem partnership between a French region and a UK nation.

The artists based in a French region have applied for a residency in a UK nation, and vice versa. Tandems associate CAPC in Bordeaux/Nouvelle-Aquitaine with Wysing Arts Centre in Cambridge/England, Frac Bretagne in Rennes/Brittany with Aberystwyth Arts Centre/Wales, Frac Grand Large in Dunkirk/Hauts-de-France with Flax Art Studios in Belfast/Northern Ireland, and Villa Arson in Nice/Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur with Cove Park/Scotland.

Magnetic has selected eight talented laureates, ranging from early-career to mid-career, to engage with host institutions—eight prominent arts venues across the UK and France.

The four UK and the four French laureate artists are:

  • Chizu Anucha (Scotland) for Villa Arson (Nice)
  • Daria Blum (England) for CAPC (Bordeaux)
  • Tom Cardew (Wales) for Frac Bretagne (Rennes, Bretagne)
  • Charys Wilson (Northern Ireland) for Frac Grand Large (Dunkirk)
  • Elise Charcosset (Nouvelle Aquitaine) for Wysing Arts Centre (Cambridgeshire, England)
  • Maxime Voidy (Bretagne) for Aberystwyth Arts Centre (Aberystwyth, Wales)
  • Laure Vigna (PACA) for Cove Park (Helensburgh, Scotland)
  • Francisco Rodriguez Teare (Hauts-de-France) for Flax Art Studios (Belfast, Northern Ireland).

These laureates were selected based on the exceptional quality and significance of their research proposal, aligning with the residency's specific context, encompassing geography, history, society, and art. With their unique and clear perspectives, their research addresses critical questions related to the climate crisis, environmental studies, black social movements, the housing crisis, energy sustainability, and live performance.

The laureates will commence their residencies in the autumn of 2023, receiving a monthly fee of 2500 euros for their 2 months stay, along with curatorial mentoring, accommodation, and access to workspace. Each residency will be tailormade in collaboration with the curatorial teams of the host institutions, providing ample networking opportunities for the artists.

Magnetic is the result of a successful collaboration between the the Institut français du Royaume-Uni and the four UK arts funding agencies, joined by the British Council, the Institut français, French Ministry of Culture and French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs. Magnetic is produced under the umbrella of Fluxus Arts Projects, a charity founded and run by the Institut and supported by French and UK public partners and private donors. Over the past thirteen years, Fluxus Art Projects has become recognised as a champion of creative excellence for artists and venues, supporting exhibitions and curatorial research both in France and in the United Kingdom.

For further information:

Magnetic is supported by the Institut français du Royaume-Uni, the Institut français, French Ministry of Culture, French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Arts Council England, Creative Scotland, Arts Council of Wales/Wales Arts International, Arts Council of Northern Ireland and the British Council.