Artist of the Month, December 2023 - Mollie Browne

1st December, 2023

Mollie Browne is our Artist of the Month for December 2023.

Print of a person that has their facial expression and identity 'dissolved' using acetone manipulation.
I’m Scared by Mollie Browne, Acetone Manipulation, Giclée Print, 2023

Mollie Browne is an award winning multidisciplinary fine artist from Cookstown in Northern Ireland. Currently based in Belfast, she completed a BA Hons Degree in Fine Art at Ulster University in 2023. Mollie draws from her provincial Cookstown roots, heavily influenced by the stark contrast between her upbringing and recent experiences as a young, queer woman and artist living in Belfast. Her work combines disciplines such as, photography, photographic manipulation using acetone, film, painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture.

I’m Scared is part of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland art collection. It is part of a wider series of works entitled ‘Land of Lonely’, in which the artist explores an imaginary place where one tries to understand what it means to be lonely. It is a multifaceted series, a hybrid between photography and painting which encompasses performance, film, sound and a technique Mollie has developed entitled acetone manipulation. Experimenting with acetone on photographic images to erase features has been a key element of Mollie’s work for the last six years. For her, dissolving individuals’ identities and facial expressions using acetone represents the haziness of the human mind when reflecting on the past and personal experiences.

Further examples of Mollie’s work can be seen at