Artist of the Month, July 2023 - Krunalkumar Rajeshbhai Gohil

5th July, 2023

Krunal Gohil is our Artist of the Month for July 2023.

Drawing & woodcut of a horse and two females on plywood.
Chinta by Krunal Gohil. Drawing & woodcut on plywood (2021) Image courtesy of the artist.

Krunal Gohil was born in 1994 in India, and he completed his bachelors in painting and his Masters in Printmaking at M S University, Baroda, India. He completed a second masters in fine arts from University of Ulster in Belfast. Krunal received the Void Gallery Fine Art Graduate Prize in 2022.

Chinta is part of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland collection. The work reflects the artist’s primary inspiration, which is his life experience, childhood, and the nature and domestic animals of Angadh, India, where he was born. His biggest driving force has always been to be connected to nature. He sees animals as having personalities and are “pure characters” with no overlapping complicated emotions. He finds inspiration in natural history and ancient mythology, believing that animals and their stories can elicit intense emotions. He applies both a metaphor and a psychological viewpoint to reinterpret natural processes, raises awareness about environmental issues, repairs damaged ecosystems, and demonstrates nature’s and wildlife’s strength and beauty.