Artist of the Month, June 2024 - Caitlin Murphy

3rd July, 2024

Caitlin Murphy is our Artist of the Month for July 2024.

A rainbow coloured, 3 dimensional rocking canvas created using thin metal sheets.
Rocking Rainbow by Caitlin Murphy - Sterling Silver and Niobium (2023), part of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland Collection

Caitlin Murphy is an Irish maker, specialising in silversmithing and jewellery. She studied at The Glasgow School of Art, graduating with a first-class honours in Silversmithing and Jewellery in 2022. Caitlin has previously been awarded the Mark & Tara Boddington QEST Emerging Maker Scholarship, and is a graduate member of Contemporary British Silversmiths. She is currently studying at the at Bishopsland Educational Trust.

Rocking Rainbow is part of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland Collection. Caitlin’s recent practice sees her working predominantly to a silversmithing scale, challenging boundaries through weaving and folding thin sheet metals. This was the first piece Caitlin created using this technique while working with niobium. It is inspired by not only colour but also a sense of playfulness. Niobium is a refractory material that refracts light from all angles. Therefore, it provides a 3 dimensional canvas, where the rocking motion results in ever changing reflections.