Artist of the Month, June 2023 - Megan Doherty

1st June, 2023

Megan Doherty is our Artist of the Month for June 2023.

On Top Of The Hill, Photograph on Aluminium Dibond by Megan Doherty
On Top Of The Hill, Photograph on Aluminium Dibond (2016)

Megan Doherty is a photographer currently based in Derry, Northern Ireland. Since graduating from the University of Ulster, Belfast in 2016, Megan continues to build upon her current body of work, embodying ideas of youth, subculture, freedom and escape. She creates a darkly cinematic atmosphere to reflect the need for escapism within small-town life. In her native Derry, she creates a fictional, highly textured and colourful world in which recurring characters are played by friends. In her work, the scenarios are a combination of composed and documented, depicting the vibrant culture of young adulthood from a distinctly more female perspective.

On Top Of The Hill is part of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland’s art collection. The photograph is one of a photographic series called ‘Stoned in Melanchol’. This series features close friends of the artist who she has documented over the course of about 5 years in Derry. Whilst the series began as a form of escapism, the photographs and their threads of narrative, developed into a much broader and on-going story. A story that delves into subculture and identity, the exploration of isolation as well as solace in unity, and ultimately, finding beauty in the mundane.

Further information about Megan and her work can be found at