Artist of the Month, May 2024 - Charys Wilson

1st May, 2024

Charys Wilson is our Artist of the Month for May 2024.

lluminated miniature greenhouse containing dried plants and set against a large black background.
A Point In Time by Charys Wilson. Mixed Medium Sculpture (2023)

Charys Wilson was born in Donegal and raised on the North Antrim Coast. She completed a bachelor’s in fine art at Aberystwyth University in 2015, where she majored in Printmaking. In 2022 she graduated from the MFA at Ulster University where she focused on creating installations. She has received numerous awards, including the Alice Berger Hammerschlag award, and exhibits nationally and internationally. Charys creates works predominantly through the medium installation and 3D works, with immersive or interactive qualities. Her work is often fuelled by the awareness of climate crisis and modern-day societies relationship with nature.

‘A Point In Time’ is part of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland’s collection. First shown in the Golden Thread Gallery as part of her solo show, ‘Spaces Between’, the illuminated miniature greenhouse contains real dried plants and is set against a large black background. The greenhouse model forms one point of light, set against a sea of black, like a star amidst the cosmos. The work encourages the viewer to consider their connection with nature, and the need to protect it.

Further information about Charys and her work can be found at