Lynsay-Erin Mercer - Artist of the Month, October 2022

3rd October, 2022

Our Artist of the Month for October 2022 is Lynsay-Erin Mercer

Ceramic scultpure by Lynsay-Erin Mercer who was artist of the month for October 2022. The scultpure is entitled Biomes and is part of the ACNI art collection.

Lynsay-Erin Mercer is a sculptural ceramicist who also works as an Art and Design teacher. As a home studio based maker, she produces a range of ceramic craft for both exhibition and commission. Her work is derived from conceptualising studies of nature, human behaviour and cognitive processes. Each piece explores the connection between physical sensation and abstract concept. Through the controlled application of slip, Lynsay-Erin creates contrasting surface textures which provide a tactile experience of an inviting, yet also repellent nature.

‘Biomes’ is part of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland Collection. The piece represents micro meeting macro with focus on ecosystems and terrain. The contrasting textures reflect patterns left behind by nature’s processes. Everything natural has a shape, form, texture or pattern from collective processes. The objects as a pair have similarities and differences. They are from the same ‘Biome’. The spikey texture achieved by applying slip, can be perceived as spilling out from the inside, or consuming it from the outside in. In addition, this represents armour, suggesting the smaller object once cocooned inside the larger object, a shell now left behind.

Further information about Lynsay-Erin and her work can be found at