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Official Statistics

October, 2023

The Arts Council of Northern Ireland is a designated provider of Official Statistics

This means that the Arts Council produces, manages and disseminates official statistics in line with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics published by the UK Statistics. The Code ensures that the statistics published by government serve the public. When producers of official statistics comply with the Code, it gives users of statistics and citizens confidence that published government statistics are of public value, are high quality and are produced by people and organisations that are worthy of trust.

The framework for the Code of Practice for Statistics is based on three pillars:

  • Trustworthiness: confidence in the people and organisations that produce statistics and data.
  • Quality: data and methods that produce assured statistics.
  • Value: statistics that support society’s needs for information.

Each pillar contains a number of principles and detailed practices that are committed to when producing and releasing official statistics. The framework is applied proportionately and flexibly to ensure public confidence in the statistics produced.

Arts Council of Northern Ireland official statistics 2022/23

Annual Funding Survey Results

In 2022/23 the Arts Council of Northern Ireland will produce the following official statistics:

  • Annual Funding Survey. The Annual Funding Survey provides details on the activities and outputs of core funded arts organisations each year. Data gathered on our investments informs evaluations, funding decisions and strategy development.

The official statistics publication timetable sets out the release dates for these surveys and the titles of staff that will have access to the data prior to release